Sunday, November 13, 2011

Woodstock wonders

Hi, Bloggers! this i wore from J&J Christening. hope you guys Like It! 
(BAGS: thrifted FLATS: Follie EARINGS: from friend BELTS: thrifted RINGS: from friend)

This is my Sister, leslie is her name.
 she look's younger than me, but she's already 23.

posing like manikin's  

okay, it's my turn............ SOLO TIME!! :))



Thursday, November 10, 2011


HAHAHA i can't stop laughing every time i look at this photo. i don't know why, maybe  because my lips is so mapula? awww. SO nakakatawa talaga. iwwwwwwww conyo. 



                                                     Dear GOD
I wanna take a minute, not to ask for anything from you
 but simply to say thanky you, for all I have.


HAPPY 11.11.11. EVERYONE. ♥

 it wont happen again for another thousand year so make it memorable. 

(TOPS:topshop BOOTS:trifted BELT:trifted)

more blogs to go. sooooooooonnnn.


A late Post

@Limay Cemetery.

here's my picture during all saints/souls day. 
i mean some funny picture of mine with something wacky. HAHA 

Bunny pose attack but it's looks like a Rat. XD
                                                                Picture No. 1 = Fail.
Picture No. 2 = fail again? HAHA (wtf)

I'm so Funnnnnnnnyyyyyy yet Cute. agreee? :)))))

      (Top: Gap Cardigan: Zara Shorts: SM DS, Shoes: Art Work Bags: Thrifted)
  • SORRY ABOUT MY POST. *newbie